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There are a large number of businesses competing online, all looking for similar offerings to get noticed by their customers, and even on the SERP (Google) the competition is fierce. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to various revolutionized paid techniques and strategies that a business can use to improve and increase the visibility of its website. SEM and other forms of click advertising still have significant strategic value when used prudently as part of a larger marketing strategy.

Using the strategies of SEM, you can increase your brand’s visibility on the leading search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo whether its search ad or display ad.

“SEM is not about finding customers, it is about creating customers”

Anamika Weblyee

According to Data Reportal, 98% of people use search engines to get information before buying a product, compared to only 49% of people who use social media to do so.   There are many benefits to using SEM for your business. For example, by marketing your online presence, you also increase your brand awareness and visibility. This, in turn, leads to online leads and generates sales (which, of course, you can use to make money selling products and services). You can also provide your visitors with informational content that they may not be able to find anywhere else.


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The Key Features Of Social Media Marketing-

  • Logo
  • Brand identity
  • Marketing before and after the brand
  • Creative design
  • Brand activation

Social Media Marketing Management

Answering Services

We Create strategies for brands which ensures that your brand have a plan set out

Call Center Solutions

We craft engaging and encourage content to help brands spread their message

Cloud Development

Embedded Design Services from concept-to-deployment to gain more visibility.

IOS/MacOS Apps

When executed properly, good marketing collateral gives great results

Android Applications

We Craft powerful & Creative business presentations for your Brand

UX And Design

We help you craft inspiring brand success stories & Win Over More Customers

IOS/MacOS Apps

We Craft powerful & Creative business presentations for your Brand

Android Applications

We help you craft inspiring brand success stories & Win Over More Customers

UX And Design

We Craft powerful & Creative business presentations for your Brand

Why Digital Detective's Social Media Marketing Services Are Better Than The Rest

Why Choose Us?

Our search engine marketing services begin with thorough keyword research and the setup and optimization of SEM campaigns to provide ROI -driven PPC management services. This includes analyzing your website from a technical perspective to ensure that search engines can effectively find, crawl and index your web pages for maximum visibility. Our search engine marketing strategy takes a brand-focused approach, supported by seamless coordination and detailed reporting to help our clients achieve their paid search goals. With our effective search marketing strategy, whether in search or display, your ad will appear in front of the right

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